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Suzy Ducken

Suzy Ducken – yellow, smiley happy central character.

Suzy Ducken is a cheerful and friendly girl ducken who loves to make everybody happy. Suzy is loved throughout The Beak Isles and is a bright spark of sunshine in Duckport. Suzy’s best friend is Emily Marmot.

Suzy Ducken is a sunny, happy yellow girl ducken. She lives with her family in Duckport in a yellow house with green shutters. Her dad is Lester and her mom is Lizzie. She has an older sister Sally and younger brother Chuckie. If she were a human girl, she would be somewhere between 7 and 10 years of age, old enough to go off on adventures with her buddies Jack and Corky, but still young enough to play with teddy bears.

Personality Traits

• Innocent

• Friendly

• Cheerful

• Imaginative

• Happy

• Popular

• Slightly tom-boyish

• Creative

• Cooperative

• Cares about people & her community

• Wants everyone to be happy

• Wants everyone to be included

• Trusting and at times, gullible

• Positive attitude about practically everything

• Patient (usually)


• Picnics

• Exploring with her buddies Jack and Corky

• School

• Reading and writing

• Playground activities

• Creating things in her dad’s workshop

• Making clothes for her teddy bears

• Climbing in the tree by her window

• Building tree forts with Jack and Corky

• Grassy meadows

• Following paths

• Planting things in the garden and picking flowers

• Collecting shells and interesting things from nature

• Cookies, fruits, most vegetables, concoctions of her own making, juices

• Decorating for Holidays

• Parties of all sorts

• Red is her favorite color, however she loves all bright colors


• Mean people

• Having to wait

• Hard swimming (she cannot swim, but enjoys paddling about with a raft or inner tube, or wading)

• Cleaning house

• Meats of any sort

• Selfish people

• Crabby, uncooperative people

• Being cold and wet