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Penelope O’Quinn

Penelope O’Quinn – friend of Suzy and Emily, twin of Quincy

Penelope O’Quinn is the new girl in the club. Penelope provides the comedy relief with the quills she has all over her body. The girls love to put bows and stuff on them. Penelope O’Quinn is a young girl porcupine who just moved to Duckport with her parents Mr. and Mrs. O’Quinn and her brother Quincy. If she were a human girl, she would be about 9 years old. Penelope may have a prickly exterior, but inside, she is thoughtful and warm-hearted. She is a little shy.

She wants to make friends, but her quills keep others from getting close to her. But one day, Suzy Ducken invited Penelope over to her house. Suzy put some beads on Penelope’s quills, just for the fun of it. Penelope loved the effect! Plus, the beads kept Penelope’s quills from poking people. So ever since, Penelope has decorated her quills, and no longer feels so shy around others.

Penelope is described as being “different”, and typically speaks with a soft little voice. But she can also belt out a song or a cheer with amazing gusto. She is also rather avant-garde, and is quite an original in every regard.

Personality Traits

• Original

• Bright

• Whimsical

• Fresh ideas

• Creative

• Artistic

• Shy at times

• Responsive

• Friendly

• Gets exasperated at times

• Can get “prickly” if teased and taunted

• Good Listener


• Being different

• Nature

• Beads and decorative things

• Pretty rocks

• Music

• Poetry

• Crafts

• Art class

• Drama

• Green olives

• Marshmallow and tuna sandwiches

• Sauerkraut

• Mustard on almost everything

• Favorite color is brown

• Collecting things from nature

• Dancing

• Reading

• Climbing trees


• Being teased

• Narrow-minded people

• Being wet

• Boring homework

• The thought of having to be like everybody else

Penelope is not afraid of:

• Trying new things

• Spending time by herself

• Meeting new people

Penelope is afraid of:

• Bumping into people because of her quills

• Walking through stores with delicate, fancy goods, for the same reason as above

• Walking through spider webs