In Duckport you will find homes of many shapes and sizes. This is because the folk who live there are of a widely varied citizenry. There are houses with wide doorways for antlered mooses, and small houses up on stilts for squirrels and mice. There is The Mercantile where you can buy most everything you need from unicycles for egrets to umbrellas for elephants, and even sandals for camels. At The Emporium you will find books and toys, and maps of all sorts. It is the only place in the world where you can get a correct globe of the world with The Beak Isles clearly visible off the coast of North America.

Duckport’s main street is Duckport Avenue which goes right past Ducken Pond and the park, Suzy’s and Jack’s houses, The Copper Pig antique shoppe, Duckport Inn, then crosses over Beak Street and past The Emporium, a bakery, a fancy restaurant, and several other shops, and ends at the wharf in The River Wanda Meander. Maps are available upon request from the ticket office at the ferry landing.

Duckport School is the one school in Duckport. It is a sturdy building with a huge playground. Every kid in Duckport attends this school. The teachers there are well versed on a wide range of environmental and structural subjects. This is because of the very diverse population, from marmots and groundhogs to water fowl, to tigers and bears and other woodland residents, to browsing elephants and other large four-legged grazers who are not used to stepping carefully around the burrows of the smaller residents. Of course, the students have all the typical subjects such as language, arithmetic and history. But everything is tailored to living in Duckport and The Beak Isles.

In time we will tell you of more of the places of interest around Duckport, such as Marmot Meadows, Groundhog Bottoms, Windy Hill, The Rocks of Regret, Mount Further, Camp Mudpuddle, Alligator pond, The Murky Marsh, and the wild regions beyond the river, the Don’t Go There Jungle.

Map of Duckport