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Ollie Marmot

Ollie Marmot, Jr. – friend of Jack and Suzy, twin brother of Emily

Ollie Marmot knows every tunnel under Duckport and has burrowed quite a few secret ones. He thinks he is tough but the girls think he is cute, which drives him crazy. Ollie Marmot, Jr. is a friendly and mischievous marmot boy. He lives with his dad Ollie, Sr., mom Martha, little brother Elwood, and twin sister Emily in a very cozy burrow beneath a huge old oak tree in Marmot Meadows, not very far from downtown Duckport. Their home is called Marmot Manor. The family has their home in he traditional marmot manner (if you can excuse the pun!) below ground, in a network of lovely tunnels and burrows.

Ollie loves to dig tunnels all over town. He is not at all afraid of the dark. He loves to collect rocks, and has earthworms for pets. Ollie also loves to run and chase, and has a big admiration for Jack Quacker.

Ollie is Emily’s twin, so he is exactly the same age as she is, or, if he were a human boy, somewhere between 7 and 10.

Personality Traits

• Funny

• Giggles and chuckles at Jack’s jokes

• Busy all the time

• Can’t sit still

• Happy

• Curious

• Brave

• Sociable

• Acts upon his curiosities; he doesn’t sit and ponder

• Restless and fidgety most of the time (he does eventually wear himself out, however!)

• Lots of energy

• A little naughty

• Likes practical jokes

• Has a sweet, tender side, especially with bugs

• Irresistibly cute to others, but doesn’t think of himself as being cute


• Burrowing in the dirt (it’s what he does best)

• Mudpuddles (it’s the only kind of water he likes)

• Earthworms and bugs of all kinds

• All kinds of cookies (it’s what he likes best about his twin… she makes great cookies)

• Running and racing… he is always challenging Jack to see who is the fastest

• Tumbling and acrobatics

• Adventures of all kinds

• Exploring

• Recess is his favorite subject

• Music: He whistles

• Wild critters of the forest: He sort of understands their language

• The color brown

• Shiny rocks

• All the stars in the sky

• Strawberries

• Currants


• Water (bathwater especially)

• Large, grumpy bird folk with beady eyes, nasty long toenails, and sharp beaks

• Sitting still

• Turnips

• Cabbage

• Broccoli

• Mushrooms

• Having to go to bed at night