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Emily Marmot

Emily Marmot – Suzy’s best friend, Ollie’s twin

Emily Marmot is Suzy’s best friend and Ollie’s twin sister. She would rather have a tea party with all the frills, but Suzy talks her into joining in on most of the adventures. Emily Marmot is a pert and feminine bundle of energy. She lives up in the woods just at the edge of town, with her mama and daddy Martha and Ollie Sr., twin brother Ollie Jr., and younger brother Elwood. The family runs a B&B in the above-ground parts of a giant oak tree. Their cozy home is quite nice despite its earthy setting.

If Emily were a human girl, she would be somewhere between 7 and 10 years of age, still young enough to love tea parties with teddy bears, but old enough to go shopping for fancy things.

Personality Traits

• Spirited

• Bright

• Imaginative

• Opinionated

• Socially conscious

• Flirty, Fastidious, Choosy

• Taste for elegance and refined things

• Full of fun

• Delightful sense of humor

• Giggles often

• Slightly doubting

• Tendency to be snooty and judgmental

• Superstitious

• Selective in her friendships

• Motherly, Protective, Cautious

• Caring, Nosy

• Friendly, but not as unconditionally as Suzy


• Playing hostess

• Being clean

• Pretty dresses

• Having Suzy for her Best Friend

• Picnics

• Tea Parties

• School, for all of the social reasons

• Praise and compliments


• Getting dirty

• Earthworms

• Crawling through Ollie’s underground tunnels

• Dull people

• Stuck-up people

• Working hard

• Outdoor chores

• Critical people

• Smelly things

• Crude people

• Bugs in general

• Criticism