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Jack Quacker

Jack Quacker – Suzy’s next-door neighbor and friend

Jack Quacker is an excitable, accident-prone, leap-first-think-later boyduck, and a natural leader. He swims the fastest, runs the hardest, and can fly a little when his adrenaline kicks in.

Jack Quacker is a lively boy duck who lives next door to Suzy Ducken. His dad is “Pop”, his mom is Dede, and his older brother is Cheezun. If Jack were a human boy, he would range in age between 9 and 12 years of age: Old enough for Big Adventures, but still young enough to not care about romance.

Jack’s house is three stories tall, and narrow. It is white stucco, with a red door and blue awnings, and is right on Duckport Avenue, across the street from Ducken Park. His Dad’s photography business is on the ground floor of the house. Jack’s room is on the top floor of the house. The roof is flat, and Jack can go up to the roof and easily climb out onto the limb of the big apple tree between his and Suzy’s houses. This is where he likes to go to dream of the day he will learn to fly all over The Beak Isles. The family is very used to village life, and for generations, the Quackers haven’t found the need or desire to fly any more.

Personality Traits

• Full of energy, bold and daring

• Quick-witted

• Friendly

• Natural-born leader, heroic

• Strong desire to go fast

• Wants to be first in everything

• Impatient: Hates following directions

• Impetuous: Jump first, think later

• Show-off, accident-prone

• Outspoken

• Strong sense of fair play and fairness in general (which saves him from being obnoxious at times!)

• Big sense of humor and keeps everyone laughing

• Can be thoughtless at times, but not intentionally

• Does sloppy work, but doesn’t care and can’t tell the difference anyway


• Sports of every kind, especially baseball and football because they involve a lot of running

• Speed: On his bike, on foot, with the Adventure Clubwagon, in the water… everything!

• Daring, bold adventures

• Exploring with his buddies Corky and Suzy

• Suzy, because she’s really fun and can keep up with him almost always

• Flying: He wants desperately to learn to fly

• Swimming and diving…he’s all duck!!

• Skateboarding, Surfing, Skiing and Snowboarding

• Showing off…he’s a ham and a practical joker

• School, for the most part… Best subject besides Sports: Crafts and Duckport history

• Recess and field games of all kinds…he’s always leading in the games they play