Witzy’s Backyard

In Witzy’s Backyard where Mama hangs up the wash, there is tall, lush green grass where Peek-a-boo the snail and lots of Tickle-Bugs hide. There are also many, many dandelions for Witzy to wish upon. This is Witzy’s whole outdoor world, the place where all of his adventures take place.

Witzy spends many happy hours here with his stuffed-animal friends Patches, Lulla, Boof, and Ellie Funt. Sometimes they like to sit in the laundry basket and watch the duck jammies dance on the clothesline. But one time, when the grasshopper Zoom Zoom flew over Witzy’s head feathers, they climbed out of the basket to see where he went, and made many wonderful discoveries.

There is a lily pond where two turtles live. Witzy calls them Teeter and Totter. There is a noisy frog and three goldfish. And overhead flutters Flootie the big blue butterfly and many more Flooties of different colors. Sometimes Witzy sees a dragonfly. He buzzes by, chased by Zoom Zoom.