Witzy Boof Lulla Patches Ellie Funt
Witzy Witzy Witzy


Witzy – Duckport’s Baby Duck and cousin to all the Quackers

• Witzy is a boy baby duck

• The backyard is Witzy’s primary play space. It has physical boundaries.

• Witzy uses his imagination to take him out of the backyard environment for his more daring, imaginary adventures.

• Witzy has a bedroom where all of the plush animals sleep with him at night

• Witzy’s Mama occasionally takes him physically outside of the backyard, but only on play dates that would be typical for a toddler (the beach, park, school)

• Witzy’s world is a world of color, scent, and safe adventures. It is not a world of advanced technology, telecommunications or television. It is a world grounded in nostalgia where families eat dinner at the dining room table, where good manners are always important and where you gree